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More affordable than keywords or outdated banners! Pay a small monthly fee to hire unlimited potential customers to complete tasks like:


All advertisers can now add one company social media page for free. We will pay users $1.00 to visit and give you feedback on your product or service. It's up to them if they like, subscribe or follow your page, but you will have a chance to respond.

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You'll get *unlimited access to more users that we will pay up to $10.00 to complete your tasks for a low monthly fee. Get exposure for all your products and services.

*We are the only small task site that let's you hire an unlimited amount of microjob seekers. Our patent-pending microjob rating system takes care of everything so you can focus on generating buzz and building your brand. No more high priced CPC or CPM campaigns!


We are currently NOT a source for immediate income, but you can earn an average of $500 per year doing microjobs on our site. It only takes about 30 minutes to complete tasks and we recommend you do about 2-3 per day. It takes about 90 days on average to reach $100 minimum withdrawal. It is free to signup and complete microjobs.


We are happy to help all businesses, small and large to achieve their online and offline promotion goals. Always Dream BIG America!

THUMBZZ.com operates on a patent-pending microjob rating system that pays a microjob seeker based on the number of completed microjobs, or THUMBZZ rating. Your monthly subscription is put into a pool with other advertisers and released when the microjob seeker reaches a specific amount for withdrawal. Since we pay based on our pool system, you will have many microjob seekers - (and potential customers) visiting your websites and social media pages, mystery shopping, sharing content, testing your apps, downloading your music and much more - for just your subscription fee!

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